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The Anthrax Advantage

Anthrax was established in 2009 and has been always focused on custom sports clothing. High quality materials and innovative design has been the company's "engine", leading it to to a rapid growth. Today, teams and athletes from all over the world trust our company for their clothing and styling needs !

Our aim is to provide the best products and the best possible customer service experience to all of our customers !

So , after all , why is Anthrax different from all the other companies out there?

-Because we keep our word , and we say that your custom order will ship within 12 working days . 96% of our orders during 2014 were shipped in time improving our 95% record of 2013 .

-Because for us , our customers are our first priority . Our dedicated customer service department will reply to your emails within 24 hours .

-Because in Anthrax , we dont believe in  minimum order quantities . 

-Because we search all over the world for the highest quality material to use in our clothes . Result: our jerseys just dont break!

-Because we care for the sport and we are not shy about it . Anthrax today sponsors every major league in the world and countless smaller ones .

Anthrax jerseys are hand cut and sewn